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Welcome to Raising The Vibes Metaphysical Academy!

It is not by accident that you are here and we are so excited to be apart of your journey! You've come to the right place! The Raising the Vibes Metaphysical Academy has been createdas a tool to develop your intuition and step into purpose. To take control of your health, wealth, happiness and joy! The Raising the Vibes Metaphysical Academy will help you to understand yourself. It will give you the confidence to take the reins of your life back into your own hands. Our courses will give you the encouragement to step into your power, to access your blueprints and to be who you are meant to be.They have been created to help you to raise your vibration and expand your consciousness. To help you during your awakening and how to work with your emphatic abilities and help you realize your value. It gives you the tools and the techniques to feed your soul, your mind and intern providing the techniques to help you heal yourself. The courses and products will help you expand and activate the ancient wisdom you carry within your cells and your genetics. This gives you an awareness and an understanding of all things that are physical and nonphysical. We have designed a series of online alternative and new age online certification courses. If you are new to the realm of new age and alternative modalities. A practitioner of any sort looking to adding new skills and tools to their sessions. We have designed a collection of certification courses, that can be taken anytime, from anywhere and at your own pace! These courses have a series of content including PDF reference manuals, video-based literatures and meditations. Once you have enrolled into your certification course, you will have a lifetime to access and review the course content. These online courses are certification courses that give you the ability to create your own practice, advance in your current practice, or use it for personal growth and development. You will be provide with requirements for each course that must be completed along with the program in order to receive your certificate. Certification Courses Available: Reiki Level One, Two and Masters Certification Akashic Records Level One, Two and Masters Certification Tea Leaf Reading Certification Oracle Card Reading Certification Chakras 101 Introductory Course